Chinese Tea Brewing Made Easy

These beautiful glassware infuser pots let you brew your favourite teas with no fuss and ensure delicious results cup after cup. Easy to use, quick and efficient. Simply place your loose leaf tea in the top chamber and add water. After the appropriate infusion time, just press the button to release the tea through the mesh base into the glass jug below.

The special push button release valve and gravity means the leaves won't stew by sitting in a small pool of remaining liquid, unlike other teapots. This means leaves can be repeatedly infused because they don't oversteep. The design means aroma is retained during the brewing process. They also allow the tea leaves to infuse properly without being trapped or crushed as in many other brewing vessels.

The Talisman Toad

These patented Kamjove pots come in three sizes: 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml - ideal for all occasions. The glass serving jug is heat resistant up to 125 degrees C. The brewing chamber is made of food grade polycarbonate. Safe, hygienic and dishwasher proof. Upgrade your brewing experience and order today!