“An unusual and beautiful tea, just thinking about it puts me in a good mood. When I make this tea for my friends in a nice glass teapot there are lots of admiring and appreciative comments, it looks so pretty and tastes round and smooth. The subtle and delicate flavour of the white tea and the deeper note of the rose buds complement each other to create a delicious and well-balanced tea.”

VK, Kent

Silver Needles and Rose Tea

Origin: Yunnan

A delicate blend of fine Silver Needles white tea and fragrant red rosebuds. This soothing and sweet infusion is packed full of anti-oxidants. A refreshing tea to be enjoyed any time. Currently out of stock.

Aroma & Taste: Fragrant rose aroma with soft fruit sweetness.

Brewing: 1tbsp per 200ml water. 80 C Water. Brew 2 minutes. Repeat infusions

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