Imperial Pouchong

Origin: Pinglin, Wenshan

Pouchong is a very lightly oxidized oolong that bears some similarities with green tea. Very refreshing with a delicate buttery and sweet taste with some fruit notes. This high grade version was carefully crafted in Spring 2012 by a tea master in Pinglin. Pouchong is often described as a green tea because it undergoes far less oxidization (around 10%) compared to classic Taiwanese mountain oolongs. It can be repeatedly infused. If you like light oolongs we strongly recommend this one. Also known as Baozhong or Bao Zhong. OUT OF STOCK

Aroma & Taste: Light, soft fruit and floral notes with lasting sweet gentle finish.

Brewing: 1tbsp per 200ml water. 80 C Water. Brew 3-4 minutes. Repeat infusions

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