2011 Wild Tree Raw Puerh

Origin: Dehong

A specially crafted rare raw Puerh made in 2011 from a purple variety grown on wild trees. This high quality artisan tea provides a stimulating and warming experience for the drinker.This tea brews up a deep golden colour and like our other premium puerh is best brewed in short successive infusions to really bring out the depth of flavours. This tea richly illustrates what puerh drinkers term as 'hui gan' - a slight bitter taste followed by a lingering and repeating sweetness in the mouth and throat. This purple variety is rich in anti-oxidants. Some customers have simply described this as 'happy' tea! Please note - this tea is supplied in loose form in our resealable silver foil pouches for 10, 50 and 100g. A whole brick weighing 500g is available. Please contact us for details.

10g Sample £2.30 Add to Basket
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100g £12.50 Add to Basket

Aroma & Taste: Slight initial smoky note with orchid, honey and fruit depth.

Brewing: Use 3-4 grams per 200ml. 95C water for 30 seconds. Repeat 6+ times increasing infusion times.

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