Golden Osmanthus Flower Tea

Origin: Guangxi

These beautiful little golden yellow flowers from Guangxi provide a uniquely sweet and soothing caffeine free herbal tea. Harvested in early October, the delicate flowers brew a memorable fragranced infusion that is richly aromatic with apricot and peach. Often added to green and oolong teas to boost sweetness, they are very enjoyable on their own.  We have selected the highest grade available and the flowers can be repeatedly infused. An uplifting and refreshing tea often drunk as a natural mood enhancer and noted in traditional Chinese medicine for its detoxifying properties. Out of Stock

Osmanthus Flowers inspired the Tang Dynasty poet Song Zhi Wen to write: 'Sweet scented osmanthus seeds fell on the Moon as its fragrance in the sky wafted through the clouds.'

Aroma & Taste: Sweet apricot and peach

Brewing: 1 tsp per 200ml. Use 90C water. Brew 2-3 minutes. Repeat infusions.

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