Mengku 2011 Ripe Puerh

Origin: Yunnan

A high grade puerh made by one of the leading puerh producers and carefully aged to create a premium mini tuo (tablet) with a rich, deep and smooth taste. Very re-infusable. Puerh is enjoyed in China for taste as well as an aid to digestion - great after a meal. Also very warming to keep out the winter chills. Each mini tuo weighs about 5 grams. Just unwrap and brew! These mini cakes can be brewed repeatedly to reveal the full range of flavours they possess.Sale - 25% off! 50g was £7.00 now £5.25. 100g was £12.95 now £9.70.

10g Sample £2.40 Add to Basket
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100g £9.70 Add to Basket

Aroma & Taste: Earthy, creamy camphor notes, woody finish

Brewing: One tablet - unwrap. Use 95C water. Brew 1 minute - repeat.

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