Dragon Well Green Tea 2017

Origin: Hangzhou

A premium Dragon Well produced by artisan growers in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Rich sweet chestnut aroma and taste - refreshing and moreish.

Tender sweet buds and leaves are carefully pan fried in a wok to reveal the special qualities of this popular and much loved tea. This process is all done by hand - it takes years of accumulated skill, knowledge and intuition to accomplish this feat properly. The firing master must gauge the correct temperature by hand feel, moving the leaves around the wok with great dexterity to avoid them overheating. Even a few seconds of excessive heat can result in an inferior tea.Out of stock - back soon!

Aroma & Taste: Rich chestnut and light orchid, nutty and sweet lingering finish

Brewing: 1 tbsp per 200ml. Use 70C water - Brew 2-3 minutes. Repeat infusions

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