“A lovely, green variety, quite light and uplifting. There's a gentle amount of caffeine and you feel quite 'bright' and warmed through after a few cups. You can actually refresh the pot quite a number of times. This is NOT like supermarket green tea. It's a quality product and I'd say quite unusual to find outside of China, Japan etc. Not too dear as well when you consider what you're paying for. Very much recommended”

Sam S, London

Organic Mao Feng Green Tea

Origin: Yunnan

This organic premium Mao Feng (meaning 'Hairy Peak') green tea is from a Yunnan large leaf varietal. Large bud and leaf sets are picked at just a few days old and carefully hand processed in small batches. A vibrant green tea that is smooth and well rounded. A very enjoyable version of a classic Chinese tea. Organic JN Certification. Currently out of stock

Aroma & Taste: Fresh with sweet nuttiness.

Brewing: 1 tsp per 200ml water. Brew in 80-90C water for 2 minutes. Repeat infusions.

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