“Beautiful silvery leaf. There's a fine delicacy and - surprising for a Yunnan - some muscatel character. Marked astringency but this is in balance with the rest of the experience.”

Great Taste Award 2014 Judges

“This green tea is a delicious treat, reminiscent of more expensive teas. Bound to become another favourite with discerning customers. A surprise and delight.”

Valerie K, St Margaret's Bay, Kent

“I love this tea! It has a delicious fruity, almost citrusy taste which gives it quite a surprising zing! One of my favorite teas.”

MN, Sussex

Wild Mountain Green Tea

Origin: Simao

GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2014 - TWO GOLD STAR WINNER. This exquisite green tea comes from Zhenyuan - a high altitude region of Simao, Yunnan Province. Picked in a 2 day period when the buds and leaves are young and small. Refreshing and invigorating! Currently out of stock.

Aroma & Taste: Light, crisp and fruity with a sweet nuttiness.

Brewing: 1tsp per 200ml water at 80 C. Brew for 2 minutes. Repeat infusions.

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