Menghai V93 Premium Ripe Puerh 2010

Origin: Yunnan

This 2010 classic ripe puerh blend, 'V93', from the Menghai Tea Factory, has become very popular with tea lovers for everyday drinking. Smooth and stimulating with a sweet, rich taste.

Menghai Tea Factory is one of the leading puerh producers, well known for producing special award winning teas. Previous production years of the V93 have reached high prices because of their popularity.

This 100g tuocha (meaning tea nest or bowl) can be kept for years developing depth of aroma and flavour as it ages. To use carefully prise off the desired amount using a pick or needle, trying not to break the leaf structure. Best enjoyed gongfu style in short repeated infusions. Currently out of stock

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Aroma & Taste: Earthy notes, woody, sweet and smooth.

Brewing: 3-4g per 200ml in 95C water. Brew for 1 minute. Repeat increasing infusion times.

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