2008 Xiaguan FT 'Happiness' Tuo

Premium spring sun-dried puerh is expertly blended to create a 100g tuo that brews a stimulating aromatic tea that possesses a moreish smoky-sweetness. A limited edition tea specially made for export for the Taiwan market. One for you to enjoy too!

This is a Xiaguan 'Fei Tai FT' production. FT is a business which custom blends special limited orders of premium tea at the Xiaguan tea factory in Dali, Yunnan.  The translated meaning of this tea is 'Happiness.' Just pry off some leaf using a tea pick or needle to enjoy. Best brewed gongfu style to enjoy the full range of flavour from successive infusions. OUT OF STOCK

Aroma & Taste: Smoky, tobacco notes, lingering sweetness.

Brewing: Use 3-4 grams per 200ml. 95C water for 30 seconds. Repeat infusions.

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