“I found this tea has a delicate fragrance and moreish quality. The second infusion brings out further taste notes and there is a delicious underlying sweetness that really lingers. A welcome discovery.”

P Higham, Dublin.

Oriental Beauty

Origin: Beipu, Hsinchu

A special highly oxidized oolong created by an insect bite! Oriental Beauty is harvested during summer from young leaves bitten by an insect called the tea jassid. This bite starts the oxidization of the leaves and creates a sweet honeyed note prized in this tea.

Oriental Beauty (Dong Fang Mei Ren) is also known as White Tip, Bai Hao and Champagne Oolong. This dark oolong tastes of honey and fruit with notes of spice among complex layers of flavour. 2012 Harvest.

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Aroma & Taste: Honey, fruit, spice layers.

Brewing: 1 tbsp per 200ml in 90C water. Brew 1-2 minutes. Repeat infusions.

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