“Beautiful whole leaf. Lovely Yunnan character. Fresh and delicate infusion with good astringency on the finish.”

Great Taste Award Judges 2015 comments.

“This has to be my favourite pick me up tea, refreshing mind and spirit and lifting the senses with its wonderful aroma and sharp/sweet flavour characteristic of its kind. It's a great antidote to those sleepy after lunch times without the negative,over-stimulating effects of caffeine based drinks. And that it is Organic whilst being beneficial for the general health is a big plus. One of those teas I am never without, a tea for inspiration.”

Valerie K, Kent

Organic Mountain Bi Luo Chun

Origin: Wu Liang Mountain, Simao

GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2015 - TWO GOLD STAR WINNER.This green tea comes from Wu Liang mountain in Simao and is Certified Organic - JN Organic Certification. This Bi Luo Chun meaning Green Snail Spring is a Yunnan high grade leaf varietal picked at just a few days old.These tight pellets gently unfurl when brewed. This tea was awarded the highly coveted 2 Gold Stars at the prestigious 2015 Great Taste Awards. Currently out of stock

Aroma & Taste: Nutty, sweet and smooth vegetal notes.

Brewing: 1tsp per 200ml in 80 degree C water, Keep first infusion short, approx 30 seconds. Repeat infusions incresing brewing time.

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