“A delicate tea with good bakey caramel and chocolate notes. A great leaf size and the liquor is bright.”

Great Taste Award 2014 Judges Comments

Imperial Golden Bud Black Tea

Origin: Simao

GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2014 - THREE GOLD STAR WINNER. A rare artisan tea made from first flush of spring tea. The leaf is skilfully processed to keep its beautiful appearance and retain the delicate sugarcane and malt flavors. An exceptional example of a Yunnan black tea and display of tea making craft. 

Harvested in Mojiang, Simao. Try brewing in short infusions to experience the full flavour profile of this special tea. This tea won the highly coveted 3 Gold Star Award at the 2014 Great Taste Awards.Currently out of stock

Aroma & Taste: Chocolate, sugarcane and malt.

Brewing: 1 tsp per 200ml in 90C water. Brew for 1 minute. Repeat infusions.

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