Flowering Tea Selection

Five handcrafted flowering teas to enjoy. Simply steep in glass teapot in 95C water and watch the beautiful display unfurl before you. An ideal gift. These teas are made from fresh flowers and Spring 2011 green or white tea.

The current selection includes one bulb of each of the following: 'Well of Wisdom, Blissful Love, Amaranth Star, Pearls from the Dragon's Mouth and Sunset.'

Flowering Selection £5.00 Add to Basket
Flowering Selection x 2 bags £8.50 Add to Basket
Flowering Selection x 3 bags £11.95 Add to Basket

Aroma & Taste: Fragrant with fresh green or white tea sweetness.

Brewing: One bulb in 300ml glassware. Use 95 C water. Infuse for two mins. Infuse 2+ times.

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